Privacy and Data Protection Policies


IOM KVAC is an authorized partner trusted and appointed by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Korea and by the ROK Embassy in Berlin to perform administrative tasks related to the visa application of German, French, British, Dutch, Belgian, Austrian, Czech, and Danish nationals and third country nationals regularly resident there. This Policy illustrates how IOM KVAC collects, uses, delivers, and manages applicants' personal information.

Objective of collection, usage, and disclosure of personal information

The visa application requests the applicants to enter personal data, such as photograph, full name, addresses, date of birth, phone number, passport data, birth certificate, income status, nationality status, marital status, occupation information, criminal records, and educational background. The personal information will be used as legitimate evidence for the Government of Republic of Korea and the IOM KVAC.

The personal data is collected, used and disclosed with the following purposes:

  • To carry out duties and functions related to the issuance of visas, entry permits, travel documents etc.
  • To answer questions about the application status.
  • To provide evidence to the Embassy and Government of Korea.

Providing personal information is optional. However, it is important to know that when an applicant declines to provide personal information, the offered services will be limited to general enquiries via call-centre, email and at the information desk of the IOM KVAC.

The collected data and personal information specifically needed for the visa application processing are saved in the server of the IOM KVAC and in the data centre in Korea.

This information is disclosed by the IOM KVAC to the ROK Embassy for further processing and will be erased within 14 days from the date of collection.

Disclosure of personal information

Personal information is only to be used within the scope of providing visa application related services and perform defined obligations. However, if necessary, the IOM KVAC may disclose personal information in case of court order, legal processes, exercise of legal rights, investigation in criminal acts, national security, prevention of criminal act, investigation, detention, legal claim.

IOM KVAC is allowed to disclose personal information to a third-party service provider (courier company, software developer etc.). The third-party service provider only receives limited information that are required for determined tasks and cannot use or disclose information for personal interest. For example, when a visa applicant wishes to use courier service, then this Visa Application third-party service provider is required to comply with the security and privacy policy set by the IOM KVAC.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are information saved in computer system or Internet when the user visits a website. IOM KVAC uses cookies to facilitate the visit of the applicants to the website, but it is impossible to identify the users through this information. The website of the IOM KVAC provides specific features that are only available through the usage of cookies. Most of the cookies are "Session Cookies," hence all information on hardware will be automatically erased. After several visits to the website, "Persistent Cookies" will remain in the hardware. To access the IOM KVAC website, the applicant must agree to the usage of cookie beforehand.


The IOM KVAC’s filter and auto-scan feature detects virus or other illegal contents. To report issues related to spam to the IOM KVAC, applicants can send a message to


The IOM KVAC has implemented measures to protect personal information through management, technical, physical, and structured protection. However, IOM KVAC is not responsible for access, usage, modification, damage, or leakages caused by the actions of negligent parties.

Storage and destruction of personal information

All documents containing personal information will be destroyed within 14 days from the date of submission. Applicants’ personal information saved in the visa system will be retained until 14 days after the passport is returned to the applicants.


IOM KVAC and a third-party service provider may disclose personal information in case of search warrant, or other investigations legally permitted.

Third-Party Websites

IOM KVAC website contains links to third-party websites. Any link with paid advertisement has no direct relation with the IOM KVAC. Before visiting the website, it is suggested to examine the content carefully.

Privacy Policy Modification

Policies may be subjected to changes. Applicants are kindly suggested to visit the website periodically.

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Please contact for questions regarding privacy policy or latest policy as mentioned above.

Please download here the Consent Form to fill and sign for the submission of the visa application.